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RecordWho byDate
59 rattrapés Jan Poolen2019-10-25
21 rattrapés Felix Juggler2018-08-18
21 rattrapés Juggledave2014-11-29
14 rattrapés Jack Denger2020-01-11
7 rattrapés Rob van Heijst2013-10-20
7 rattrapés Mees Jager2013-09-01
7 rattrapés peterbone2013-08-28
7 rattrapés Austin2016-08-30
7 rattrapés Jonathan Moore2018-12-24
7 rattrapés christhejuggler2014-02-27

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RecordWho byDate
14 rattrapés Jack Denger2020-01-11Watch video
59 rattrapés Jan Poolen2019-10-25threw the db9 of the tenth connected db dropped mostly everything afterwards
42 rattrapés Jan Poolen2019-08-19to a collect
35 rattrapés Jan Poolen2019-04-28
7 rattrapés Jonathan Moore2018-12-24From and to cascade for more than a qualify
21 rattrapés Felix Juggler2018-08-18
14 rattrapés Felix Juggler2017-11-26To Collect
7 rattrapés Felix Juggler2017-11-26Qualified
21 rattrapés Jan Poolen2017-10-04to qualify did it a while ago already
14 rattrapés Jan Poolen2016-12-10to collect
7 rattrapés Austin2016-08-30YES. Took a solid 30 minutes to get but so happy. From cascade to collect. Got a flash pretty easily, but that doesn't really count... Also it was quite smooth when I got it, although I had one better
7 rattrapés Jan Poolen2015-01-22into qualify
21 rattrapés Juggledave2014-11-29
7 rattrapés christhejuggler2014-02-27
7 rattrapés Rob van Heijst2013-10-20to collect
7 rattrapés Mees Jager2013-09-01to a qualify
7 rattrapés peterbone2013-08-28Back into cascade afterwards