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Davejellybean -

It’s been years since I was active on here..I retired from my entertaining career about 5 years ago..However having just been to the EJC my enthusiasm has certainly been rekindled...Rekindled to the point that I might find a juggling club to go to again..Which clubs are still active in the Manchester or Cheshire area..Cheers chums..

RegularJugular - - Parent

There may be others that haven't caught on and use the Facebook/Social-Media thing exclusively...

But this site's lovely club search gadget suggests:

RegularJugular - - Parent

Also pleased to hear you're in good juggling spirits!

Ciao :)

The Void -

My #EJC2019 pics are at . *No re-uploads please.*

LomDodge -

Hi everyone, fairly new juggler here (but practised a lot this year). Went to the EJC and was blown away. Have been getting some great teaching/tips from those fancy jugglers at the Leeds juggling club also. Amongst other things (7 balls mainly!), I'm currently working on (6,4x) back into 5b cascade by kinda throwing a 7 from the opposite hand to the last 6 thrown and then throwing a 5(ish) from the other hand. Not sure if that's right - it's very messy at the minute. What siteswap is this? I've just found this video where he does a simple transition. Do you know of any other ways to transition back? I know it changes from synch to asynch so is there a way to notate it? Thanks in advance if anyone can help out with this!

RegularJugular - - Parent

Well done on being a beginner at (6x,4)*, and transitions? it took me a lot of effort to get that far, not many do. I may have misunderstood the question, also I don't really care for the siteswap descriptions of those transitions... probably because of laziness. (there use to be siteswap wiki's for that sort of thing though...)

When I want to exit (6x,4)(4,6x) I just throw the 6 ball higher than usual, then 5 starts easily.

When I want to go into the (6x,4)* pattern I just throw a throw that is a bit higher than normal, but less than a 6x, and start it...

While these may take more than on throw to notate, that's how it feels.

What a siteswap simulator won't easily show you is how you instinctively changed your dwell time to make it all fit by trying to make it flow and feel natural...

just my 2 cents.

RegularJugular - - Parent

'one throw to notate', these aren't editable posts are they :p

sasha -

Hello everyone, I'm glad to be here thanks to Orinoco.

RegularJugular - - Parent

I didn't know Orin had a daughter*??

Erm, welcome to the edge, I'm sure all the regulars will be pleased to see you, and me too. 😃

* Attempted sense of humour, I'll try to be careful with that 😳 ...

RegularJugular -

When did you realise what kind of performer you were?

For example, when did you realise that getting a laugh was more important than technical skill, or vice versa? Did you discover some other philosophy behind wanting to perform for an audience, or erm, organise conventions?

What is the most vital part of your kick from the performace experience? and can you pinpoint in your mind what was the trigger or link for it?

Ciao, hopefully you get me...
Laurence / RJ

Topper - - Parent

My technical skill is so bad I always get a laugh.

The most vital part of my performance experience is getting paid.

RegularJugular - - Parent

When did you realise that cynical, cold,British self-deprecation was your kick? Can you pinpoint the year?

P.S I hope your okay, I've been trying to call you :)

Bob Dilworth -

Does a video of EJC 2000 in Karsruhe exist? I have great memories of the event and would be good to re-live it. Bob

The Void - - Parent

I can't remember one. I do recall that there was a year that Alan Plotkin was supposed to be coming over to film, but was ill at the last minute. But that might have been a BJC. Happy to hear more info/otherwise.

One video I'd like to see again is the 1994 Hagen EJC one. IIRC, it was just of the gala show. Anyone got it?

Little Paul - - Parent

Didn’t Alan upload all his old videos to Vimeo? Might be worth looking there?

Bob Dilworth - - Parent

Thanks for the replies. I had a feeling that there might not have been an official one that year. i'll see what i can find online.

Shanna L Syme -

Hello fellow jugglers! I moved to Tucson last fall, and it only just crossed my mind moments ago that I should look and see if there is a community of jugglers in this neck of the woods. Lo and behold, here you are! I so look forward to meeting you, socializing, and juggling together!

I have studied American Sign Language (ASL) for many years, and have made a few ASL Music Videos. (This fall, I will be enrolling in the ASL Interpreter Program at Pima Community College.) In two of these ASL Music Videos, I threw in a bit of juggling just for fun. Check it out.

7b_wizard - - Parent

Hi & welcome !

Jamie - - Parent

Awesome to have ya!

bad1dobby -

Standing back somersault with neck catch (football)... [vid]

An extraordinary trick that immediately made me think of Francis Brunn - I think he would have approved!

The freestyler is Pedro de Oliveira, and his Instagram lists, among other things, "Artist at Cirque du Soleil".

[Apologies for the external link. I tried to embed, but results were not good.]

Orinoco - - Parent


I recently learnt about the Red Bull Street Style competitions for freestyle football which has been going since 2010. Here's the 2018 men's final:

Certainly a lot in there to interest circus enthusiasts.

bad1dobby -

The golf club balance done with swords [vid]

Found this on a David Nixon show. I've not encountered this version of the golf club balance before. (Vid quality is pretty bad, but that's what you get when the clip is from the 1970s...)
(If the time embed doesn't work, it's at 29m02s)

Juggler's name is Bevan Raynor, and he is apparently an Aussie.

DavidCain - - Parent

He is better known as Mr. Boomerang. Here's another video of his act.
David Cain

Jesse Martell -

Hi everyone

I had a question on how to count catches. so in the pattern 423 i had been counting each time a ball left my hand before imminently catching another and was curios if you are supposed to count the 2 ore not. That also got me thinking about other patterns such as box. Are you supposed to count the 2x's as catches or just the 4's. if you do count the 2x's then you would have to count by twos as box is synchronous. It feels more natural if you only count the 4's since the 2x's don't really feel like throws because they don't spend much time in the air. but in shower it feels like you should count the 1's. Also got me thinking abou t multiplexes because in you take the pattern [33] sould you count each individual ball or just each beat. Both seem correct but i was wondoring if yall could enlighten me on the correct woy to count catches or at least how you do it

Peace out

Little Paul - - Parent

I think it depends why you want to count catches.

If you’re counting catches for gauging your own progress, comparing against yourself, it makes no difference as long as you’re consistent - so do what feels right to you.

If you’re counting so you can brag to others about how much better you are - then go with whatever approach gives you the highest number and makes you feel the most superior! (and then have a think about why these sorts of comparisons are at all important)

For most practical purposes, for anything other than base patterns I prefer counting “rounds” than catches as it’s less ambiguous..,

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