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7 balle solo records
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RecordWho byDate
164 rattrapés Austin2017-07-01
56 rattrapés Heydar2017-02-23
47 rattrapés Ilia Poliakov2020-07-08
11 rattrapés Ethan2015-07-08

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RecordWho byDate
47 rattrapés Ilia Poliakov2020-07-08
164 rattrapés Austin2017-07-01In a high ceiling corner of my flat in wales.
90 rattrapés Austin2017-02-28Kneeling indoors. Small collision ended it.
62 rattrapés Austin2017-02-23Kneeling on cushion.
58 rattrapés Austin2017-02-23Nice pattern I thought. Kneeing indoors.
56 rattrapés Heydar2017-02-23on a platform at the studio
54 rattrapés Heydar2017-02-09clean, on a chair
46 rattrapés Austin2016-11-19A few days ago. Very smooth.
32 rattrapés Austin2016-11-15Perfect pattern. Should have been longer.
31 rattrapés Austin2016-11-14Higher pattern, so a bit cleaner.
29 rattrapés Austin2016-11-12I hate winter
26 rattrapés Austin2016-08-04Clean. Easier than I excpected.
51 rattrapés Heydar2016-02-27standing on bricks
11 rattrapés Ethan2015-07-08ouch.....not very good....