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7 balle solo records
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30 rattrapés 7b_wizard2019-03-03

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30 rattrapés 7b_wizard2019-03-0312 triplexes thrown to a drop or two.
27 rattrapés 7b_wizard2018-02-12First ball footflicked up into 9 triplexes thrown to clean collect.
19 rattrapés 7b_wizard2017-10-207 triplex thrown from launch into collapse, two (last) drops.
15 rattrapés 7b_wizard2017-05-21Five triplex. (launched into kick-flicked up first ball)
9 rattrapés 7b_wizard2016-07-233 triplex from launch to full collect. MMX1. Start: [456][2221]2.. to free second throwhand.