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6 balle solo records
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RecordWho byDate
250 rattrapés Austin2017-05-20
118 rattrapés Heydar2017-02-23
25 rattrapés Ilia Poliakov2016-05-21

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RecordWho byDate
250 rattrapés Austin2017-05-20A bit sloppy but whatever. Indoors.
180 rattrapés Austin2017-02-28Kneeling in conservatory. Very smooth mostly, but I got nervous hoping for 200.
124 rattrapés Austin2017-02-23Collision ended it. Kneeling on a cushion indoors.
118 rattrapés Heydar2017-02-23on a platform at the studio
92 rattrapés Heydar2017-02-22on a platform at the studio
82 rattrapés Heydar2017-02-09on a chair
87 rattrapés Austin2016-11-14Happy with this, because it was nice and smooth.
55 rattrapés Austin2016-11-12
42 rattrapés Austin2016-06-13Indoors, kneeling.
25 rattrapés Ilia Poliakov2016-05-21
70 rattrapés Heydar2016-02-27standing on bricks