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RecordWho byDate
120 rattrapés C*C*K (Christoph)2014-04-10
101 rattrapés Matan Presberg2016-07-06
55 rattrapés Brook Roberts2016-07-05
44 rattrapés Austin2017-03-23
33 rattrapés peterbone2014-04-13
12 rattrapés thegoheads2010-02-15
9 rattrapés Mats12009-10-25

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RecordWho byDate
44 rattrapés Austin2017-03-23Only entering because it should have gone for at least 3 more rounds...
42 rattrapés Austin2017-03-18Forgot to put this. A few days ago.
35 rattrapés Austin2017-03-11Pretty happy with this.
24 rattrapés Austin2017-01-06Took a long time to get. It's so easy to just drop an easy catch in this pattern...
12 rattrapés Austin2016-12-26Not including the 944 entry. 4 rounds back to pattern, quite nice. Love this pattern now.
101 rattrapés Matan Presberg2016-07-06Watch video
55 rattrapés Brook Roberts2016-07-05Going for the 'record'
33 rattrapés Brook Roberts2015-06-25Clean, might have been 39
21 rattrapés Brook Roberts2015-06-23To clean collect
15 rattrapés Brook Roberts2015-06-23From and to pattern. Keep hands low
33 rattrapés peterbone2014-04-13
120 rattrapés C*C*K (Christoph)2014-04-10
114 rattrapés C*C*K (Christoph)2014-02-12
100 rattrapés C*C*K (Christoph)2014-01-16105 throws
97 rattrapés C*C*K (Christoph)2013-11-21102 throws
90 rattrapés C*C*K (Christoph)2013-10-21clean
85 rattrapés C*C*K (Christoph)2013-10-13
80 rattrapés C*C*K (Christoph)2013-08-29
66 rattrapés C*C*K (Christoph)2013-08-23
12 rattrapés thegoheads2010-02-154 rounds from/back to cascade
9 rattrapés Mats12009-10-25Really hard!
30 rattrapés peterbone2006-08-16