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5 balle solo records
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RecordWho byDate
624 rattrapés C*C*K (Christoph)2013-09-13
200 rattrapés Brook Roberts2015-07-23
135 rattrapés Mats12012-02-20
100 rattrapés Austin2017-02-10
80 rattrapés James Hennigan2016-08-11
80 rattrapés Heydar2018-08-08
64 rattrapés Jamie2019-09-28
32 rattrapés Woett2014-06-02
24 rattrapés Ilia Poliakov2020-05-24
16 rattrapés Vertigo2012-05-31

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RecordWho byDate
24 rattrapés Ilia Poliakov2020-05-24
64 rattrapés Jamie2019-09-28
52 rattrapés Jamie2019-09-13
44 rattrapés Jamie2019-08-21out of and into (6x,4)* qualifies
80 rattrapés Heydar2018-08-08
100 rattrapés Austin2017-02-10Might have been a few more.
68 rattrapés Heydar2016-12-24clean
80 rattrapés James Hennigan2016-08-1120 rounds. From and to (6x,4)*. In the PM garden.
64 rattrapés James Hennigan2016-07-2216 rounds. From and to (6x,4)*. In the garden.
24 rattrapés Austin2016-05-29Clean
60 rattrapés James Hennigan2016-03-0215 rounds. From and to (6x,4)*. No foot movement. At DIT.
48 rattrapés James Hennigan2016-03-0112 rounds. From and to (6x,4)*. Very little foot movement. At TCD.
36 rattrapés James Hennigan2016-02-249 rounds. From and to (6x,4)*. At Mount Carmel.
32 rattrapés James Hennigan2016-02-228 rounds. From and back into (6x,4)*. No foot movement. At UCD.
28 rattrapés James Hennigan2016-02-167 rounds starting from either side. From and back into (6x,4)*. No foot movement. At TCD.
16 rattrapés Austin2016-01-26
24 rattrapés James Hennigan2016-01-196 rounds starting from either side. From and back into (6x,4)*. Managed to stand still! At TCD.
200 rattrapés Brook Roberts2015-07-23Clean
16 rattrapés Ilia Poliakov2015-07-15
56 rattrapés Heydar2015-06-17
48 rattrapés Heydar2014-11-07
160 rattrapés Brook Roberts2014-07-18
36 rattrapés Heydar2014-07-01
32 rattrapés Woett2014-06-02
16 rattrapés Woett2014-05-04
120 rattrapés Brook Roberts2014-05-04
32 rattrapés Heydar2014-01-24clean
24 rattrapés Heydar2013-11-30clean
20 rattrapés Heydar2013-10-02back to pattern
624 rattrapés C*C*K (Christoph)2013-09-13
440 rattrapés C*C*K (Christoph)2013-04-19
4 rattrapés Woett2013-02-25
16 rattrapés Vertigo2012-05-31
135 rattrapés Mats12012-02-20Should have been longer, wandered and hit a low bit of ceiling lol
120 rattrapés Mats12012-02-14
68 rattrapés Mats12010-06-26First try!
44 rattrapés Mats12009-03-20Clean finish
40 rattrapés Mats12008-11-03
32 rattrapés Mats12008-08-01Clean finish
40 rattrapés Jamie2007-10-28
28 rattrapés Jamie2007-10-14
24 rattrapés Jamie2007-07-30