3 balle cascade avec un rebond sur la tête records

3 balle solo records
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RecordWho byDate
100 rattrapés CameronFord2018-08-13
66 rattrapés Heydar2018-03-16
12 rattrapés PipJim2015-12-04
10 rattrapés Ethan2015-07-23
6 rattrapés Austin2016-06-20

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RecordWho byDate
100 rattrapés CameronFord2018-08-13Caught all the balls, kept head bounce for a few more bounces, not super clean.
80 rattrapés CameronFord2018-07-16Clean, kept bounce.
70 rattrapés CameronFord2018-07-06Clean, kept bounce.
60 rattrapés CameronFord2018-07-05Clean, kept bounce.
50 rattrapés CameronFord2018-06-28Clean, kept bounce
40 rattrapés CameronFord2018-05-24At Bungay, clean and kept bounce.
29 rattrapés CameronFord2018-05-17was trying to collect at 30, dropped the 30th but kept bounce.
20 rattrapés CameronFord2018-05-14Clean, happy with this
12 rattrapés CameronFord2018-05-12Clean, kept bounce. I got this twice, starting to feel like a thing I can almost do.
10 rattrapés CameronFord2018-05-11Clean, kept bounce.
66 rattrapés Heydar2018-03-16clean, kept bounce
53 rattrapés Heydar2018-02-24clean, kept bounce
47 rattrapés Heydar2017-02-23clean
40 rattrapés Heydar2017-02-02
6 rattrapés Austin2016-06-20
4 rattrapés Austin2016-05-31
3 rattrapés Austin2016-05-30Clean, kept bounce
6 rattrapés CameronFord2016-03-29Clean. Kept bounce.
4 rattrapés CameronFord2016-03-27Clean ish, give or take a wall kind of getting in the way.
25 rattrapés Heydar2016-03-12clean, kept bounce
19 rattrapés Heydar2016-02-05clean, kept bounce
13 rattrapés Heydar2016-01-26
12 rattrapés PipJim2015-12-04clean, kept bounce
12 rattrapés Heydar2015-09-17clean, kept bounce
9 rattrapés PipJim2015-09-15clean, bounce continued after
8 rattrapés Heydar2015-09-13clean
7 rattrapés Heydar2015-09-12clean
6 rattrapés Heydar2015-09-03clean
6 rattrapés PipJim2015-08-25clean
4 rattrapés PipJim2015-08-24clean
10 rattrapés Ethan2015-07-23video evidence if wanted
5 rattrapés Heydar2015-07-23clean
4 rattrapés Heydar2015-07-05clean
4 rattrapés Ethan2015-06-17
3 rattrapés Heydar2015-05-27clean flash- and we're off :)
3 rattrapés PipJim2015-03-05clean flash to and from head bounce. So hard!