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RecordWho byDate
247 rattrapés Kyle Johnson2017-09-06
208 rattrapés Austin2017-01-03
200 rattrapés Heydar2018-10-08

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RecordWho byDate
200 rattrapés Heydar2018-10-08clean, wasn't on anything--just didn't move my feet
247 rattrapés Kyle Johnson2017-09-06
180 rattrapés Kyle Johnson2017-08-28
208 rattrapés Austin2017-01-03Very smooth until about 190 catches, where it started to break down.
56 rattrapés Austin2016-11-29Should have been longer, I fumbled though.
29 rattrapés Austin2016-08-17Collision ended it.
116 rattrapés Heydar2016-02-28on a chair