5 massue back crosses triples records

5 massue solo records
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RecordWho byDate
150 rattrapés Jack Denger2019-12-05
120 rattrapés christhejuggler2014-04-20
117 rattrapés Jan Poolen2021-12-04
100 rattrapés Iver Tronstad2015-01-01
8 rattrapés Brook Roberts2015-09-08
7 rattrapés Austin2017-04-29
5 rattrapés Rob van Heijst2016-09-14

Latest records

RecordWho byDate
117 rattrapés Jan Poolen2021-12-04122 throws
105 rattrapés Jan Poolen2020-02-07to a collect
150 rattrapés Jack Denger2019-12-05
100 rattrapés Jan Poolen2019-11-28to a collect
95 rattrapés Jan Poolen2019-03-16
74 rattrapés Jan Poolen2018-12-09to a collect
71 rattrapés Jan Poolen2018-08-12to a collect
70 rattrapés Jan Poolen2018-05-22to a full collect
65 rattrapés Jan Poolen2018-05-1370 throws
64 rattrapés Jan Poolen2018-03-21
63 rattrapés Jan Poolen2017-12-24
61 rattrapés Jan Poolen2017-12-05
55 rattrapés Jan Poolen2017-10-26
47 rattrapés Jan Poolen2017-09-07
7 rattrapés Austin2017-04-29Nearly got 8. All handles.
6 rattrapés Austin2017-04-19Took a while to get. Way too many close attempts though
5 rattrapés Austin2017-04-03Wow. Didn't expect this. it was clean all handles in a nice pattern too :)
42 rattrapés Jan Poolen2017-03-23
36 rattrapés Jan Poolen2017-03-02
33 rattrapés Jan Poolen2017-01-23
30 rattrapés Jan Poolen2017-01-17
27 rattrapés Jan Poolen2016-10-21
22 rattrapés Jan Poolen2016-10-17
5 rattrapés Rob van Heijst2016-09-14collect
2 rattrapés Austin2016-08-03Failed miserably trying to go back to pattern.
21 rattrapés Jan Poolen2016-06-22
20 rattrapés Jan Poolen2016-06-12
19 rattrapés Jan Poolen2016-04-30
17 rattrapés Jan Poolen2016-04-06
15 rattrapés Jan Poolen2015-09-21
8 rattrapés Brook Roberts2015-09-08To a collect
7 rattrapés Brook Roberts2015-09-07Clean. Focus on height at expense of everything else
6 rattrapés Brook Roberts2015-08-20Clean collect
12 rattrapés Jan Poolen2015-07-14
100 rattrapés Iver Tronstad2015-01-01
120 rattrapés christhejuggler2014-04-20
120 rattrapés christhejuggler2014-04-20
5 rattrapés Brook Roberts2014-02-13To collect, from cascade on triples
100 rattrapés christhejuggler2013-12-28