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RecordWho byDate
267 rattrapés C*C*K (Christoph)2014-02-26
120 rattrapés James Hennigan2020-09-21
93 rattrapés Juggledave2011-09-18
81 rattrapés Mats12016-03-06
81 rattrapés Austin2017-05-13
81 rattrapés Jonathan Moore2019-08-12
78 rattrapés Mees Jager2015-01-30
75 rattrapés Niccolò2017-08-06
69 rattrapés Rob van Heijst2014-04-12
45 rattrapés Stephen Meschke2019-10-15
42 rattrapés varkor2016-04-15
22 rattrapés Heydar2020-11-28
18 rattrapés thegoheads2010-05-18
15 rattrapés Ilia Poliakov2020-07-08
6 rattrapés Ludvig Landgren2019-08-24
3 rattrapés Woett2013-01-08

Latest records

RecordWho byDate
22 rattrapés Heydar2020-11-28clean
120 rattrapés James Hennigan2020-09-2140 rounds. Cold start, clean finish.
105 rattrapés James Hennigan2020-08-3135 rounds. Cold start, clean finish.
102 rattrapés James Hennigan2020-08-3034 rounds. Cold start, clean finish.
97 rattrapés James Hennigan2020-08-2432 rounds + 1. Cold start, clean finish.
81 rattrapés James Hennigan2020-08-0727 rounds. Cold start, clean finish.
72 rattrapés James Hennigan2020-08-0324 rounds. Cold start, clean finish.
69 rattrapés James Hennigan2020-07-3123 rounds. Cold start, clean finish.
66 rattrapés James Hennigan2020-07-2822 rounds. Cold start, clean finish.
15 rattrapés Ilia Poliakov2020-07-08
45 rattrapés Stephen Meschke2019-10-15
43 rattrapés Stephen Meschke2019-10-14
30 rattrapés Stephen Meschke2019-10-03
27 rattrapés Stephen Meschke2019-09-25
25 rattrapés Stephen Meschke2019-09-21
24 rattrapés Stephen Meschke2019-09-18
21 rattrapés Stephen Meschke2019-09-17
18 rattrapés Stephen Meschke2019-09-15
15 rattrapés Stephen Meschke2019-09-14
12 rattrapés Stephen Meschke2019-09-13
9 rattrapés Stephen Meschke2019-09-12
6 rattrapés Ludvig Landgren2019-08-24
81 rattrapés Jonathan Moore2019-08-12
66 rattrapés Jonathan Moore2019-07-27
44 rattrapés Jonathan Moore2018-10-19
30 rattrapés Jonathan Moore2018-09-21
18 rattrapés Heydar2018-07-26clean
12 rattrapés Heydar2018-07-20to clean qualify
60 rattrapés James Hennigan2018-07-1520 rounds
54 rattrapés James Hennigan2018-07-0718 rounds to collect.
36 rattrapés James Hennigan2018-06-3012 rounds (from cold start, to collect)
30 rattrapés James Hennigan2017-10-2910 rounds to a collect.
24 rattrapés James Hennigan2017-08-248 rounds. From and to a fountain.
18 rattrapés James Hennigan2017-08-126 rounds. From and to a fountain. In the garden.
75 rattrapés Niccolò2017-08-06
12 rattrapés James Hennigan2017-08-014 rounds starting on both sides. From and to a fountain. In the garden.
9 rattrapés James Hennigan2017-07-263 rounds starting on both sides. From and to a fountain. EJC.
6 rattrapés James Hennigan2017-05-142 rounds from and to a fountain. Starting on both sides. In the garden.
81 rattrapés Austin2017-05-13The wind might have been why I messed up.
51 rattrapés Austin2017-05-12Might have been a few more.
43 rattrapés Niccolò2017-05-06
36 rattrapés Niccolò2017-04-29
12 rattrapés Heydar2017-03-29clean
42 rattrapés Austin2017-03-05Clean.
30 rattrapés Austin2017-01-10Clean
18 rattrapés Austin2016-05-21
15 rattrapés Austin2016-05-17
42 rattrapés varkor2016-04-15
33 rattrapés varkor2016-04-14
81 rattrapés Mats12016-03-06