Unfortunately no BJC in Perth this year.

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Mïark -

Unfortunately no BJC in Perth this year.

For those not on facebook this was posted today on the BJC facebook page:
Ahoy a'bdy,
All of us at BJC headquarters hope that you are all keeping well, and that you’ve had a good festive season! We’d say, “Happy New Year,” but that might seem a bit hollow, given what we have to say...
...OK, here goes.
We did our best over here, but we’ve sadly had to make the absolutely gutting decision to cancel BJC Perth.
Although there is now a glimmer of light at the end of the tunnel, we're still acutely aware of the unpredictability of it all, and while we're absolutely itching for things to return to normal, we just can’t gamble on the likelihood of a 500 person week-long sleepover being permissible come July.
We’re sorry, and we’re sad. A lot of work has gone into this event, and we can’t quite believe that it has just evaporated before our eyes...
But, we’re trying to stay optimistic! The Ramsgate team are primed and ready to make a start on their plans for 2022, and we know it's going to be AWESOME!
Anyway, I’m going to have a small cry, watch some juggling videos, and think about all of my juggling pals who I can’t wait to see (when it’s safe).
Take care folks, we’ll all see each other again soon.
- Avril x


Cedric Lackpot - - Parent

I feel like Avril and the team pulled the short straw on this ... and then got another bonus extra-short exploding straw filled with glass shards and angry bees, just to fuck with their heads. Two cancellations! That's tragic for you guys, I'm so very sorry you were the poor unfortunates to have to suck this up, but I congratulate you on making the pragmatic decision in a timely fashion, twice.

Dog knows when we will meet again but it would be a privilege to buy a beer for any and all of the Perth orgs if I ever get an opportunity.

Tufty - - Parent

That sucks harder than electrolux, but it's understandable. Stay positive (but not COVID-positive), stay safe, and we'll all get back together when we get to the other side.


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