Today we're officially launching our new Juggling Family website!

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Richard Loxley -

Today we're officially launching our new Juggling Family website!

This brings together our "family" of jugglers to socialise in real-time using video and text chat.

You can create rooms themed around shared interests.

You can add events to the calendar for meet-ups.

So far we have 50 users who've been beta-testing it over the last five weeks. It's now looking pretty good, and ready for a wider audience 🙂

There are lots of regular events already scheduled, and a special room "Christmas Cheer" to allow us to socialise over the holiday period. We're planning events throughout the holiday to bring people together if their plans aren't quite the way they'd normally be ❤

Please drop in and say "hi". You can see who's in a video chat before you join in, so you know what to expect. And do feel free to say hello when you join a chat - people are very friendly and you'll quickly get to know people.


Richard Loxley - - Parent

Incidentally, this isn't an alternative to the Edge, it's complementary :-)

Juggling Family is for real-time, transient chat, whereas Juggling Edge is for asynchronous, permanent threads.

I'll be still using both :-)

Orinoco - - Parent

Congratulations Richard, thank you for all the hard work.

I signed up a while ago but have yet to join in a video chat session. I have shockingly now acquired the hardware required for video conferencing. Now all I have to do is find some time...

Looking forward to seeing some familiar faces.

Richard Loxley - - Parent

I've tried to do a bit of a blanket publicity push for, but self-promotion is very much outside my comfort zone.

I've posted here, and on various Facebook groups, and via my @juggling_family Twitter account (

Anyone else got places where they can spread the word?

Cedric Lackpot - - Parent

18k subscribers over at /r/juggling Richard.

Not so many of them will be tea-obsessed, buttercup-fancying, remainer, obscure-board-game fans, with a keen eye for the misuse of apostrophes, and all the other qualities that I imagine will be present in The Fambly, but nonetheless I guess you'll find some interest there.

Orinoco - - Parent

They don't sound like jugglers at all.

Richard Loxley - - Parent

I don't yet have an account on Reddit, although I do lurk occasionally.

I've tried to keep away since I realised most of what I was reading was people posting things that they found outrageous, so that other people could share their outrage together. Kind of like the Daily Mail really.

And there's maybe a danger that people from a juggling subreddit might expect to actually talk about ... juggling?

But if anyone who does post there wants to promote, feel free! Just maybe talk up the angle that it's for the *social* aspect of the community ;-)


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