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John R -

Shiny thing! The curve traced by a club, as a 3d print:

Some siteswap visualisations as well, which are less interesting to me tbh. Anyone know of Henry Segerman from other contexts?

Tufty - - Parent

Interesting, but rather too "stroboscopic" for my taste. I'd prefer a continuous surface.

The Void - - Parent

I follow Henry on Twitter. (I expect a juggler RTd him into my timeline.) He does some cool visualisation stuff.

Adrian G - - Parent

He was in Melbourne for a few years while I was there, super cool guy!

His Youtube channel has some other cool things, including spherical videos of passing (some with funky video editing) and descriptions of the siteswap visualisation ones (I really like the mills mess motion one personally). There's also cool non-juggling related stuff on there.

That said in terms of 'other contexts', possibly what you might be more interested in is his videos with math communicators on youtube such as Numberphile/standupmaths/Vi Hart

John R - - Parent

Thanks Adrian (and Void). Lots of stuff to watch when I have a spare month!

The spherical video is interesting - Angus filmed Hullabaloo in 360 degrees a while back but I don’t think anything made it online. The lens was just amazing glasswork.


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