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BasB -

Hello everyone!

I am a 32yo male from the Netherlands, currently residing in Dhaka, Bangladesh. I learnt a 3b cascade and a few tricks in school, but really discovered juggling as a hobby in 2018 in Sudan. Since then, Ive learnt siteswap and a bunch of new patterns.

Im currently working on the following goals:
working on inverted, box-type, (2x,2x) types of patterns. On my to do list for the upcoming period: broken box, burst box, switched box, threaded box. Oh and of course 60 for the fountain.
- solidifying (6x,2x)(2x,6x), 633, 71, 651, 64514, 61661
- learning 645
- aaarrggh the fountain is progressing slowly
- not a focus at the moment, but maintaining current level with the goal of working on it after 6b solidifies.

In Bangladesh the air pollution gets really bad in the winter, which locks me indoors where I can only do patterns with up to 6x throws. Outdoors I work mainly on numbers, but Ill have to find a better spot once lockdown measures due to corona shut down a bit.

Since Ive only juggled somewhat seriously in Sudan and Bangladesh, I have very little experience with other jugglers. I managed to find a few poi spinners here who Im trying to teach a few juggling patterns, but there don’t seem to be dedicated juggling places here.

Anyways, long story short; looking forward to logging some patterns here and being part of the virtual community. And hopefully Ill be able to meet some of you sometime on a convention!

7b_wizard - - Parent

Hi & welcome, BasB, good read!

Daniel Simu - - Parent



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