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Cedric Lackpot -

The Gandini Juggling Project seemed like artsy fartsy pretention when I first started out - not any more.

It only seemed that way because I never possessed Sean's vision and prescience, indeed never even knew that I didn't, and consequently lacked the ability to see where juggling might go, given enough belief, talent, and time.

But now that's all changed, the latest revival of Philip Glass's Akhnaten features a dozen top-drawer jugglers amongst its cast and is playing at the Metropolitan Opera in NYC, and here's Sean and Kati in a feature article in The New Yorker. Yeah, that's right, juggling at the Met, in a show by Glass, being covered by the New Yorker. Not so artsy-fartsy now eh?

Look how far we have come. Thank you Gandini Juggling (as it styles itself nowadays) for having the confidence, the cojones, and the sheer stamina to achieve this.

Mike Moore - - Parent

It's been wonderful to see this happen. Kudos!

RegularJugular - - Parent

While I love Juggling, (The) Gandini Juggling (Project) and that something like this has finally happened.

I want to say though, Cedric: Could you sh1%t me in the head so that I might actually be able to afford the money to go to that show? I don't think I'm going to be able to achieve it on Earth.

"Why don't you earn more like all of the jugglers who earn 50k or more? It's not like your brain couldn't have achieved that", Is the reponse I hear ringing in my ears.

Some might tell me that what I'm saying is political, or I should have scrolled further down. Maybe this will look like I'm showing too many emotions at once and that's somehow both illegal and makes them want to go out and improve their juggling as the form of meditation they know. I will agree, I probably should have just scrolled, but I felt something about this due to a personal connection with the above concept in my mind and couldn't.

To be honest I think Cedric's post looked like there were many emotions in it, and this is - maybe, what is confused for a post that is intending to show a sense of humour is. Now I know jokes about dying are considered a bit risque if you go immediately to the standard su1cide trope. I am in fact happy, although if this were a more standard forum I'd imagine there would be some people who would walk over the c0rpse of this post if that's what they consider it to be, and move on.

I don't really want to kick juggling when it's up, I guess that's possibly an adequate description that could also be humourous... I just feel that this ball, this big ball somewhat like the AC/DC song 'big balls' is perhaps also in need of a kick in that fine area, I'm referring to this post itself, I guess that's possibly an adequate description that could also be humourous.

A fellow juggler named Dave, everybody knows a Dave. Dave in his potentially adequate wisdom, switched from the zeitgeist brain enhancing hobby of juggling to start an irreverant ukulele group, since this message is really intended for Orinoco, who knows who I mean, and probably read enough Asterix to understand this: You remember the bard character, who I'd imagine in many places in the comics has the trope of the lute smashed over his head for I'd guess essentially being to 'artsy fartsy', intellectual, or perhaps cryptic about something. You may say, after I state that I'd like you Orinoco, to smash his Ukulele over his potentially adequately wise head. 'But that goes against everything I've ever stood for Reg' Orin, might think. I have to admit in the version of reality where this story makes sense the pain Orin I'd imagine keeps feeling, is still chanelled into making this website. I do however feel, that if circumstances were different every juggler whoever attended TWJC and thought that perhaps we had lost the way of social progress, and then presumably voted Tory, because they would like this death thing, I mean sucking up to the economic juggernaut of ecocide that is the Lib Dem / Tory (and because of their support for the ludicrus idea of PR at this point even the current leaders of the Greens) death pact is always what this has been, their mentality sells an ideal of heaven, and then by design and worship of the ecocide doesn't deliver. Now you would say with a phrase like that, on platform like this Reg, you are surely alienating your audience. So I read the room, who stared at me in slight disbelief as I told them, they had died and that was the difference - this short story I guess should illustrate how you should be compasionate for you fellow non-survivors which it is now not a choice, that group is everyone on Earth, you can interpret within the concepts you are familiar with if you like.

You might if you are used to the trope automatically, in some sort of autocontrarian way, if that even makes sense as a word: Rant at me for Communism, or whatever you've been taught to fear as the word that is bad. Having considered that as a group of words and looking into each one and recognising the good in even the worst ones. Well...

Good luck voting, it is a choice this time. It's possibly not the choice you thought though. Whether you are on board with my opinion, or not. Because this time you get to choose whather there are any services that support you as you die. You might say well I just want the best, give me the best I've got loadsa money look at my 50k a year.

You in Orinoco's postition might, I'd imagine give Cedric the (metaphorical) g£n at that point. Which is a joke, because you went and juggled before you even finished reading this.

Which to me is beautiful, and if you understood, you could perhaps thank me, by spreading the message - however people will understand it and offering them sympathetic witness for their traume. Good Luck <3

Thank you <3

RegularJugular - - Parent

To a certain extent I apologise for using only the religious references I know, considering I wrote this on a public forum. I didn't know how else to do it.

Orinoco - - Parent

The ticket office seems to be down for me right now, out of interest how much is a ticket to this show?

I'm certain I've misunderstood your post here, I'm sure I won't be alone, but it sounds like you are upset that the Gandini's are starring in a show that a lot of us won't be able to afford to see? That you feel 'left behind'?

I have enjoyed countless Gandini performances over the years, but I've only specifically paid to see them once (as opposed to paying for a ticket to a juggling festival that I would have paid for anyway).

The Gandinis have been grinding away at making a living with juggling in the entertainment industry for 28 years1. They have put out a mindboggling number of shows & travelled all over the world performing, all the while performing at juggling festivals on shoestring budgets, giving paupers like you & me the chance to see the pinnacle of an artform for effectively nothing. Isn't that something to be grateful for?

I am delighted that they are centre stage of a massive show, at a world renowned theatre. Regardless of what the ticket price is, the Gandinis are probably not getting as much of it as you'd think or as much as they deserve, but I hope they are finally getting some decent financial recognition for everything they've done.

Also Akhnaten is just one show, there will be many more I'm sure.

As for the state of British politics, we're all upset about that mate. Vote tactically.

Most importantly though, the name of the Gaulish bard is Assurancetourix in the original French comics & Cacofonix in English (but has also at times been called Stopthemusix & Malacoustix).

1 Most performers give up on juggling & turn to balloons after 3 years. /runs

Cedric Lackpot - - Parent

> The ticket office seems to be down for me right now, out of interest how much is a ticket to this show?

The ticket office is up. The tickets, however, are not, they've sold out, and there are only a couple of days of the month-long run left.

Elsewhere on the ticketing pages it seems to suggest that the absolute rock-bottom tickets start at a definitely-not-loose-change-but-nevertheless-pretty-reasonable $25, although I don't know if Akhnaten had any that low.

pumpkineater23 - - Parent

It could be interesting if they filmed the show in VR. Then we can all 'go and see it' (eg NEXTVR) from the comfort of our homes.

Mike Moore - - Parent

There was a livestream of the show in Canadian and 'Murican movie theaters recently. I was unfortunately teaching at the time, but friends who went said it was very worthwhile to see it!

Maria - - Parent

It was shown in Sweden, too, but not live... A recording of the live stream, I think. I didn't watch it though.

Dee - - Parent

I went to this, from a very comfortable cinema seat in Bristol. While it was more than a typical cinema seat, the show itself lasted over three hours (with intermissions). Once (lack of) travel costs are taken into account, this was an extremely affordable evening out.

Little Paul - - Parent


lukeburrage - - Parent

We saw it in London. Top stuff! No new juggling as such, but a new experience for me for sure.

charlieh - - Parent

Still don't understand why Sean doesn't do 9 balls in the show. On a unicycle if possible too.


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